Strato Perform

Perfect for sports floors

A two component water-based lacquer for all types of wood species and cork floors for areas that require a hard wearing finish. This wood lacquer will out perform your expectations on durability, usability and wear capabilities. Especially suited for sports floors.
• Non-yellowing
• Good abrasion resistance
• Ideal for sports floors
• Easy to use
• Free of solvents
• Resistant to shoe marks
• Approved for lacquering over areas impregnated with euku oil 1HS and euku coloroil (*).
The professionally sanded and grouted subsurface must be clean and dry, free of oil, wax and dust.
Shake the regular lacquer up well with the hardener. Mix strato perform 46x thoroughly and evenly with Cross-linker M in a ratio of 10:1. After 10 minutes of stirring, stir again and then use. Do not mix more material than can be used within 2 hours. Apply strato perform 46x evenly at minimum 15°C room and floor temperature in 2 coats, or in more heavily used areas 3 coats, with the Aquatop-Roller. Interim sanding between coats with an abrasive mesh 120.
approx. 120-130 ml/m² per coat (8 m²/l). For best results and an even surface image, work in thick layers. In the case of highly absorbing subsurface, increased consumption of the prime coat is possible, depending on the absorbency of the wood.
Drying Time:
For the sake of the wood and the avoidance of excessive swelling, only one rolled coat per day is recommended. Can be carefully walked on , or worked on again, after about 3 hours (at 23 °C and 50% relative humidity). The area should not be mopped wet in the first 3 days. After 10 days at the earliest the floor can be cared for, or carpets can be laid on it.

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