• Euku Wax

Euku Wax

Recommended care product for sealed / coated floors corresponding to the eukula care instructions, in particular with eukula sealers and euku premium oil +.
Clean the floor thoroughly. Shake up euku wax / euku mattwax well. Apply undiluted as a complete care solution with a soft, non-fluffy cloth, or with the euku-polish applicator, thinly and evenly without creating stripes. The product is self-hardening and does not need to be polished. It is possible to polish the surface after drying with a high-speed-machine. Clean the working equipment with water. During application avoid strong sunlight and draughts. Switch off under-floor heating well in advance.
The application is also possible within the framework of maintenance care, diluted in the mopping water.
The protection of the floor remains intact, as long as euku wax / euku mattwax is regularly applied after basic cleaning. The care cycle depends on the degree and frequency of wear:
• low-wear floors (e.g. in living and bedrooms, office rooms without public business) depending on demand about once or twice per year.
• medium-wear floors (e.g. in corridors, on stairs, in office rooms with public business) depending on demand about every 3 to 6 months, more frequently for areas with heavier use.
• especially hard-worn floors (e.g. in pubs, restaurants, shops, department stores, schools, or dance floors) every 4 to 8 weeks, or more often.

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