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Euku Coloured Oils

Impregnation Coloured Oils

approx. 30-50 ml/m² (20-30 m²/l) for oak during the first application. Higher consumption is possible in the case of coarse sanding, wider joints and highly absorbent wood, although subsequent applications will use considerably less.
Drying Time:
Can be walked on carefully, or worked on again, after about 16 hours (at 23 °C, 50% relative humidity and air movement). The area should not be mopped wet in the first 7 days afterwards. After 10 days at the earliest carpets can be laid on the floor.
Low temperatures, increased humidity, poor ventilation and substances contained in the wood which delay drying, can extend the drying time substantially.
Through deep pigmentation the colour may rub off slightly in the initial days.
Please note that the surface image of an oil-impregnated floor is only finalized after use, cleaning and care. After complete hardening use euku care-emulsion for cleaning and care, and euku care-oil or euku refresher for subsequent oil applications, if necessary mixed together with the original euku coloroil. Please observe the eukula care instructions for oil impregnated floors.

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