Eukula Bespoke Coloured Oils

With Eukula’s Natural Coloured Oils the possibilities are endless, we have not one, not two but TEN standard colours to choose from. These colours range from Pine, Cherry, Red, Coffee, Hazel, Mahogany, Ebony, Black, Snow White to Light Grey or if you prefer you can have the colourless option too. Each of the different colours can be mixed to create a different bespoke finish of your choice. All of which are available in 1 litres and can be found on the colour chart below.

If you require a unique colour manufactured, this can be done to any RAL colour you desire. This will open the possibilities for clients to choose a completely unique and bespoke colour for their flooring. Please allow enough time for manufacture.


Which colour is your favourite? Let us know!

Eukula Coloured Oils key benefits are that it is completely solvent-free, easy to handle and consists of all natural oils. As a result, Eukula Coloured Oils is environmentally friendly which is consistent throughout all of the Eukula product range. Coloured Oils can also be combined with Eukula Strato Water Based Lacquers which can act as a sealer giving a layer building and natural open pore characteristic.
When applying Eukula Coloured Oils it is recommended to evenly apply with a spatula or squeegee. In cases of highly absorbent wood it is advised in order to avoid spatula marks the spatula application should be repeated wet in wet in accordance to the wood. After 15-30 minutes then massage the wet excess with a single disc machine and polishing pad which will polish away any surplus from the surface until none remains. During the application process the oil must on no account be allowed to dry on the floor otherwise this will affect the end result. A final polishing step with a polishing cloth (available online amongst other accessories: is then recommended to increase the gloss finish and ensure that there is no excess oil left and giving you that perfect finish. Once applied the chosen area can be walked on after 16 hours and must kept dry for the following week to achieve best results.

We have recently hosted a number of successful Eukula workshops and training events at our head office in Warwickshire, this consisted of demonstrations of the product, its features and the chance for everyone to apply the product themselves. At Eukula we plan to demonstrate more of our products in the new year, workshop dates will be published on our social media channels or you can subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage:
To view this fantastic product online and to find out more information: or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Eukula support team at:

 Eukula Wood Colour Oils
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Eukula Wood Colour Oils
Eukula colour oils are for the pre-treatment of unfinished timber surface to provide unique wood colours prior to finishing. 100% natural and easy to apply.
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